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  • Two branches of your family (father’s and mother’s) following the direct line back as far as possible
  • Copies of historic documents
  • Detailed report that proves your ancestry
  • Family tree charts – Pedigree & Descendant
  • The names of your ancestors; where they lived;
    how they made a living
  • If they served in the forces
  • How they died


*Introductory Price Offer – fixed price family tree research package which includes two branches of your family tree (for example your father’s and mother’s) following a direct line back to the late 1700s or further if possible.

Narrative report about your ancestors, arranged by generation and including details of their family members, where they lived and their occupations.

Kinship report naming each ancestor discovered during the investigation and showing their relationship to you.

Copies of relevant census returns and other documents identified during the investigation.

The aim would be to trace genealogy of both lines and to include all the information available on the census material plus birth, baptism, marriage & death and other historical records, where possible. The census material alone reveals a wealth of information including where people were born, their occupation, where they lived and details of other people in their household such as their children, brothers & sisters etc. This can build up a detailed picture of their lives which can often be linked to historical events that may have affected them such as military service, war.

Various family tree charts will be included (pdf format) which you may print if required: Classic Ancestor tree (up to 9 generations); Classic Descendant tree (up to 7 generations); Decorative Fan Charts (Celtic Design – up to 6 generations).

All the above information, charts, documentation will be sent via post on a cd. 


*Family Tree On Canvas service is offered in a separate listing. We put your family tree on canvas, so that you can proudly display it on a prominent place for your visitors to see.


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