My Journey

Great Aunt Jane Grierson Cron & family – Torthorwald, Scotland ca. 1910

After the death of my father I became very interested in tracing my roots and spent many, many hours in detailed research; eventually tracing my father’s side of the family back to my x13 Great Grandfather who was born 1564 in Lancashire.

My mother’s family were next to come under scrutiny and her ancestry can be traced back to 1650 in Scotland. I have over 3,200 ancestors detailed on my family tree & have over 12,000 records.

I then decided to research my dna. I find dna profiling absolutely fascinating & it gives Genealogy research a whole new dimenson. Via dna profiling I have found many distant relatives living all around the world. Most of them I have been able to make contact with and we have been able to share information about our respective family trees thus adding to the overall picture of our common tree.

Via dna profiling I discovered that a 5th cousin Karleton Douglas Beye Fyfe unfortunately died as a passenger on airline flight 11 which was the first plane to crash into the World Trade Centre, NewYork – 9/11. Karleton a 31 yr old investment analyst lived in the US. Our common ancestor x4 Great Grandparents John Cron b.1752 & wife Janet were from Torthorwald, Scotland.

I love searching through old photographs which all have a particular story to tell. The photograph above is of my Great Aunt Jane Grierson Cron who’s daughter married Formula 1 David Coulthard’s Great uncle George Hayton Coulthard in 1928. As a young boy I remember going to a farm owned by the Coulthard family on the outskirts of Dumfriess for holidays. Old photographs like these help connect our present with the past.

Great Aunt Mary “May” Smith marriage to William Leigh – 1919 Preston, Lancashire

Genealogy is a fantastic hobby to be involved in and there are many options as to how to go about it. From the paid sites like Ancestry, Findmypast and Genes Reunited through to the few free sites like

Sites such as & Find My Past also provide dna profiling services.

Then there are people like me who can either just get you started or do the whole thing for you!

Either way genealogy is a fascinating thing to be involved in and it’s good to know that my work into my family tree will make sure that my family history is preserved for generations to come.



When a friend said to me “can you help me with my family tree” it got me thinking and so I set about setting up my own business. I soon found lots of people were interested in their genealogy but never had the time or patience to do it themselves. I just jumped at the chance to get their family history researched properly and efficiently and some of the feedback I`ve received gives me so much satisfaction and makes me very proud of a job well done.


In memory of Karleton Douglas Beye Fyfe (1970-2001)